Pride of RCJH

SG RCJH Learning Centre

There comes a special moment in the life or every dynamic mechanism, be it human beings or an organisation. That moment is a defining one – one that changes the course of all tomorrows. The RCJH also has had this life altering moment. An event that gives the service activities of our club a permanent and clear direction and foundation. 

The Sarath Gopal Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills Learning Centre was born out of the utter generosity of two Rotarians of the RCJH. The genesis was in 2016 when RtnSarath Gopal decided to gift 200+ sqyds of land in the prime Gachibowli area to the Trust of our Club to build an educational institution. He had been a long-standing member of our club and was driven by the faith that we were meant to do bigger things. He was the first among us to dream big for the future. Excitement was high and plans began to get underway. It was finally decided to use the land to construct a Skill Development Centre in keeping with the long-term needs of our country.

The saying, that when the intentions are strong and right, the Universe conspires to make it happen – is not without meaning. While the club was churning out ideas on how we could fund the cost of this building, along came Rtn Penchal Reddy (a one-year-old member of our club) who volunteered a generous sum of 50 Lakhs towards the cost of construction! It was a dream come true – the building now became a possibility, thanks to the trust that he reposed in the club that he was proud to be a member of. The ball started rolling in 2019.


All worthy causes have champions and the club found the perfect champion to take the work forward in RtnPP Raamprasad. He roped in Rtn. Ramana Reddy who was contracted for the construction work. An impressive structure that holds the hopes and service aspirations of the 118 strong RCJH Rotary is waiting to make its impact felt. We hope to inaugurate the physical activities as soon as protocols permit.

With Rtn. T. Kumar’s meticulous documentation, the Centre created the systems and a road map for the next 3 years.

These Centre’s partnered with several organisations and NGOs in different ways to conduct these programs. Let’, Metamorphosis, Tally, Ashraya, Swarnabharath Trust, Filmnagar School, Pragati Central School and others are our new network partners and we hope to continue to work together and enhance the scope of our association.

We hope to expand the scope, scale our operations and stabilize in the next 2 years so that the Centre can stand on its feet. We seek your contributions – in every possible way. Ideas, Involvement and Donation, the Centre needs it all.

We have begun our humble effort to build a corpus as well as raise funds for the physical activities of the Centre. The target amount initially is 1 crore which needs to be enhanced to 5 crores as the activities of the Centre expands. We thank every donor who has come forward to contribute in time, skills, kind and cash. We appeal to you to make your own contributions and also spread the good word amongst your family and friends. Every drop makes an ocean and we are confident that the Centre will become the pride of RCJH in the years to come.

Together, we can make it happen.

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