RCJH Programmes Committee

Ideas Club

As part of concerted efforts to raise the profile of the club, quality of weekly programs and participation from members, we have formed an “Ideas club”. It is not one more committee, but a group that puts on its thinking cap to generate ideas to make for a fulfilling and fun filled RCJH Club meetings. For the period July 2021 – June 2022, “Ideas Club” will plan, curate, and execute club meetings.


“Ideas Club” plan of action

Ideas Club objective is to raise the standing of the club beyond twin cities, to attract best talent (no emphasis on age/designation/fame/wealth) to be a part of our activities. Opens the door for new membership, opening purse strings of donors, attendance at meetings, desire to associate with a club that-means “Service-as Business”.

The club will also circulate survey forms to RCJH members time-to-time to assess changes and implement improvements for club meetings. Watch out for some exciting activities, speakers coming your way!

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